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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
Freezer is a lounge character.
He was once banned from the lounge for a long time.
He simply posted the stuff in other places, though less-often.

It wasn't really the kind of offense someone should be permanently banned for, so we let him back into the lounge. Problem went away.
This is what the Lounge is for.
Piano Bar is for more serious music discussion.
Political is for that.
The Lounge gets everything else.
But it still continues.

And with ample provocation from others. They were not addressed/handled or banned the way Art was, were they? Maybe they were.

Have you been talked to about trolling Art. Has Steve? Or anyone else. I know I never was and was just a guilty of trolling Art as are a handful of other users. Fun, maybe. Counterproductive, yes.

So of course, he isn't going to just sit and take the shit. So it continues on and on. And is clearly against posted rules, on both sides.

So IMO, either adjust the rules to state something to the effect of It may be a good idea to befriend the staff or become staff, that way the rules will be very flexible for you'

Or just remove the very few, as stated above -about 1%, just crap activities.

Delete it, move it, whatever.
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