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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
the freezer stuff goes in cycles... and is mostly entertaining. I'm not sure he gets much more out of line than anyone else, overall. Maybe a bit.

On the topic of combining the Lounge / Piano bar / Political forums, I think those have very good reason to stay separate. When politics began creeping into everyday discussion a few years ago, it because quite obvious a split was needed to keep the political BS out of the lounge and allow people to completely ignore it, if they wished.

Same with the Piano Bar... it's a fairly clean place for music discussion. The Lounge keeps the BS out of the Piano Bar for people who wish to ignore both non-music-related threads and political threads.
I agree on the separation between those 3, as they are indeed topical forums and are very informative and much would get lost in the lounge, regardless of the BS staying or going. The fact that they run so much differently is one of the reasons I think it wouldn't be hard to keep the BS out of there too.

Like stated before, a lot of the people in there act differently in the lounge than they do in those forums, I think that is partly because we have allowed it to be that way. And allowed it selectively.
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