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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I hope you'll take my word for it that Bullet is pretty much the sole moderator of the Lounge. It is rare that any of the rest of us push buttons in there, specifically because it is better to have a single-minded approach so people know what to expect.

The only recent exception I can think of is Wolf, who pulled some shennanigans over the last few months. That was discussed and dealt with, productively imo. That hasn't happened since the start of the year, that I can think of. Maybe that is what you are referring to?
Yes, recently things are going a bit better, I appreciate any effort form the staff there. And will state again if this discussion is all that needs to take place to keep it moving away from the crap, then it is serving it's purpose. More people will post if some of the rules (taking arguments to every thread, personal attacks, multiple accounts to harass people, and just ugly posts for the sake of ugly posts). That is sort of common sense to me. Some people may enjoy the banter between 2 people arguing the same argument, to me it gets boring and that is why it was put in the original set of rules.

There may be staff here that do not agree with the original rules, the updated rules, whatever. Fine, then post some current ones that won't be allowed and can be agreed on by staff, and users. That was also something discussed at length in the beginning, the fact that this site should cater to the users, not the staff.

I am looking back over the last few years and trying to figure out why the general discussion area here seems to not attract many users. It has not always been that way. No secret that I have opinions on it, I do see it from a different perspective than the average user, I actually do know why it was created along with the downloads forums.
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