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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I think Bullet enforces the rules that are there, but applies them to each case, based on merit, rather than blanket enforcement.

I do think that method works best. Policy is different than straight law and strict enforcement discourages participation in every instance I have seen.

You keep referring to mods that pop in to the lounge and enforce rules in different ways... as far as I know, Bullet does 99.9% of any mod actions in the Lounge. The staff generally does a very good job of staying to our assigned areas when it comes to pressing buttons.

Is this just a perception you have or do you have specific instances where that is happening on a regular basis?
It is my perception, based on what I see. I think bringing them up and looking at each instance would not be productive. Again, I am not trying to attack any one mod/admin. It is hard to present the case for what I am suggesting without coming across as just saying you guys are not doing a good job. You are, but it seems a little lax and I see no harm in bringing up the suggestions and talking about it.

You do not have to look very far too see instances of these rules being a normal practice as opposed to something addressed and removed.

# Treat each other with respect or how you would like be treated: 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'
# Again, if the person is acting disrespectful, usually it is because they want attention. So, the best thing to do is to not give it to them.
# No using an anonymous proxy to hide your identity. No spamming, or advertising.
# Think before you post -
# Some common sense rules: no posting personal PMs or emails; no posting another user's full real name or address or phone number or email address or picture.
# No nudity. And please do not swear overly much.
# Do not just decide to attack someone. If someone insulted you a month ago, who cares, we don't want to hear about it. If someone insulted you on another site, we don't care, don't bring it over here or you may be told just how much the others don't want to hear about it. If you don't like another user, fine, then ignore them, but don't continually insult them because the rest of us don't want to hear about it.
# No threats of physical violence.
# No stalking - don't take your personal differences from one thread to another. And especially don't take it out of The Lounge.
# No creating accounts under another name (an alias) just to harass specific people.
# Do not disrespect the moderators. They are volunteers and do the best that they can, If you can do a better job, go start your own site and moderate how you want there.

It is just an opinion, and my perspective.

I had a hand in creating the lounge, I had a hand in keeping it hands off for the most part and not wanting it to be heavy handed, now I am just looking at it and pointing out what I see.

I still don't want it heavy handed. Controlled chaos makes for interesting forum, it is just a little out of hand IMO.

I hope at the very least the notice, the thread, the poll, will at least let people know that not everyone likes the current state. And maybe gather some support from new users.

I actually think the lounge has been running better and a bit more active in a positive way since it is being talked about again. Some of the usual suspects are a bit more chill. The thread is a good thing, regardless of staff changes. The users will at think about it more. Most would not post the crap under their primary user account, because they are either nice or concerned with others thinking they are. They just get caught up with what is allowed. When in Rome, you know.

As long as the topic is being discussed and is not allowed to die down as it has in the past, most will self-regulate because they do not want to be called out about it.

I am still truly for a hands off approach to modding, you just need to be really creative in how you handle the situations when they arise. Enforce rules evenly, and don't allow staff to break them, the lounge would be fine as is. It just needs more positive support from staff.
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