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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

It seems to me that a lot of hte lounge negativity really pertains to a couple threads (ie who`s entitled or washed up, etc.). I find it interesting that the same people with 5 or 6 aliases in the lounge that fight can comfortably coexist within the context of the political forum. Considering how heated politics get in general, it`s surprising that the politics forum remains the sane younger brother to the lounge.

Threads such as the nostalgia thread, the video game one, etc don`t get crazy. We basically have a couple back and forth threads that get a lot of the attention, but for the most part, the lounge continues like any other message board. People post the latest youtube video, or a funny news story.

Personally, as much as I don`t participate in them, I enjoy reading the arguments between Toys and Freezer, as well as their tags.

I don`t see much need to increase moderation. I see a thread that gets boring as I define that, I stop reading it. I went through a period where I never read the lounge, lately I`ve found a bunch of threads I regularly post (and hopefully contribute) to.

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