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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

i've agreed with most of what bill has said, and have seen less activity in the Lounge over the last few used to be a far more diverse, interesting dialogue as opposed to what is now a lot of fighting over the same ol bs thats been fought over before, but now with rampant alias usage...yes this is a music site mainly, however the general discussion aspect has always played a role and was seen by many as one fo the few trading sites with an active general discussion side -- and folks liked that

its NOT about being tyranical or heavy-handed, its about squashing incessant bickering & trolling so that more interesting dialogue can take uni-fi posted above, the freedom in there is great and i don't think that should change -- but enforcing the rules already in place such as this one

if you are here just to attack someone else or troll the forums, please leave. We don't want you here. If you are here to just sit back with friends, discuss different things on your mind, and occasionally take humorous stabs at each other, stick around!
needs to happen and it doesn't...i don't care if its a noob, a returning "problem", a regular with "special priviliges", or staff, that rule needs to be enforced since some can't act their age! otherwise we get what we've got now, consistent trolling/attacking/etc creating an unfriendly, and as an old post whore, uninteresting, GD area

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
For the record, I don't think I need any help. If we were to change the way we moderated the Lounge, I would just change how I enforced whatever rules were decided on.
i also agree that i think dc is more than capable of handling it fairly & with little or no extra help...we simply need to enforce rules that we've openly decided to not enforce...very different from the rest of the site and a decision thats had a negative effect imo...

that said, i've brought up some of these issues & ideas before [long before bill started coming back around], and they've been met with similar response...personally, i think a small handful of folks enjoy the immature, mindless drivel that the Lounge has devolved to in a lot of ways & i think any opposing opinion, be it a Lounge regular or staff or someone who doesn't post in the Lounge, will be met with the usual response

hopefully some non-post whores will find this thread and comment, and their comment will be met with something other than a "stfu n00b" or a
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