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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Since you're asking...

I'd kind of leave it more or less the way it is. I'm here for the music BUT I've benefited more in the forums in getting music here, especially the Piano Bar, but I also enjoy the Politics. I have a Mac in front of me quite a bit each day due to being a mod on another tracker (HC) that is down, and I mod on a technical discussion forum for guitar related gear. I'm active on other trackers but don't participate in the forums.

The TTD forums are very easy to get to and to navigate.

I lurked for a LONG TIME before I ever posted in the Lounge. WHY? ...because the core here is very tight knit and didn't always make it easy for some to fit in. That has calmed down a little bit over the past year. One of the more prolific lounge posters use to invite me into the lounge, but I knew it was just to fuck with a noob, so I ignored the invitation until I was ready.

I feel the Tracker Moderation here is very good and very fair.
Forum Moderation is "less good" but that's part of it. After all, you do have a warning/disclaimer, but at times I'm sure it has frightened off lurkers from participating in the lounge. I'm sure they UL and DL though.

From what I have observed and experienced, people with mod powers (stealth mods or trouble maker mods) need(ed) to be reeled in more at times. Although in the past few months it's much better. In all honesty, during my lurking, that fact kept me from making any meaningful contribution here for a long time. I'm sure it had the same effect on some lurkers too. Food for Thot.

Some people don't know how Forums on trackers can benefit them musically, and to me The TTD Forums (more the Piano Bar) are a more in-depth and direct way to get more of the music I like in bulk aside from the tracker, and much of it ends up on the tracker which benefits all interested. The Forums are definitely a good part of TTD for socializing and music.

I have met some very nice people here I can call friends and vice versa (yes it's true) and that is a good thing. We've mailed hard drives and flash sticks around the country, tested guitar stomp boxes, phone calls about guitars and amps, notifications of bands passing through, on and on and on... and I got a really, really nice and very usable Christmas/Birfday gift!!

I think the comments left on torrents here have good count when compared to other large trackers, and I think torrent comments here contain a bit more substance.

Tweak what you think you should tweak but the formula seems to be working, so if you make changes, I'd say small steps.


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