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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I think the lounge is not a major part of TTD and I hope it never is. This site is about making live music archives available for free and that is the primary use.
The discussion side is not a major part of the site, doesn't or shouldn't mean that it is left in a 'nothing more can be done' state.

Mission accomplished.
The fact is, it is a part of the site. And the only part that isn't as good as it could be.

We have several very useful, well controlled forums (for tapers, technical help, etc) that do get heavy use and they work very well.
Yes, they are modded well and get a lot of attention from the staff. THe lounge would only be better if it was approached the same way.

This stuff you keep spouting about how no one makes an effort, etc, is just like... your opinion, man, and I don't think you have any way of knowing what any of us do.
You're right. I only know what is posted and the attitude that is presented by staff about the lounge.

Maybe I need to state again. The rest of the site is great and modded well by a group of people that know their shit and care about the areas they were brought in to mod. Great job. I am not disputing that. I am just saying again that maybe it is time to bring some new people in that might serve that forum as well as the others. Just some dedicated help for DCbullet from people that are not going to oppose changing things in a forum they don't even think is important to begin with.
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