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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

I've seen all this before at another site I frequented (well, not as frequent any more).

On one side, what some saw as heavy-handed modding. On the other, a group of people going out of their way to oppose it. End result, lots of members driven off or posting/coming by less. Drastic change in the number of posts overall. And the creation of a "Rated R" sub-forum for what were deemed the "unwanted" type of threads/posts.

Didn't work. And the shitstorm still affects the mood to this day (over a year later).

As far as the's not that different. Go back into old threads. Yeah, different people. But still just a regular dozen or so making the majority of the posts.

Yeah, plenty of your old peeps aren't here, Bill. But, then again, you haven't been either.
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