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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

OK, I'll chime in....

First I'll note that after our talk, I did bring The Lounge up in a Staff Discussion just to see what their opinions of The Lounge were - has it changed much? Are aliases a problem? etc. Pretty much I was told it hadn't changed much over the years (people in and out, but the *way* it was hasn't really changed) and aliases seem to be tolerated as long as they aren't created just to troll.

Anyway, onto a few of your other comments. We had combined The Piano Bar and The Lounge at one point, and then we decided that wasn't working and we created two separate forums again.

Right now, Bill (dcbullet) is our Lounge mod. It's supposed to be that he 'runs' that forum, but all the mods have mod privileges throughout the site because it drove me crazy on STG to see something happen in a forum that needed attention and I was powerless to do a thing cuz I wasn't a 'mod' in that forum. All the mods have 'their' forums and pretty much leave other forums alone unless it's a general thing that needs to be done (like a user asks to have a torrent pulled, or a post removed, that sort of thing).

The tags.... tags in vB are either on or off on the site. You don't turn them on only for certain forums. We try to keep them 'clean' in other forums, but we just leave them be in The Lounge. Yeah, I do agree that some of them are more trolling that silly, which is what I had wanted them to be. So, while I don't really want to turn them off, I can see what you mean regarding their being used to troll.

OK, now onto more mods there.... you want more mods so that all the posts are read and all trolling stopped immediately? Or all fights nipped in the bud, so to speak?

I'm trying to get a sense on whether this is an issue that only a few users feel is an issue, or whether it is a Big Issue. I, like others that have chimed in here, would love to hear from some of the other users of the site. So far this thread is filled with comments from those that do go into The Lounge and post, so obviously something isn't keeping them away. It would be good to hear from those to don't dare go into The Lounge and what scares them off - or do they just want their music and that's it?
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