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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
What he said was that the mods "don't give a shit" and "don't enforce the rules" and we should "ban those that deserve it".
There are mods here that don't give a shit about the lounge and probably should not mod there at all. Fact.

I do not see how you can read that any other way than him suggesting heavier moderation in the Lounge.
Just enforce the rules and instead of DCbullet going it alone and having other site mods come in and try and help, often can be problematic too.

You yourself James post semi-regular personal attacks against freezer. Not saying he doesn't have it coming sometimes I am just saying it needs to be addressed better than just breaking the rules yourself.
Trolling the trolls will not make them go away.

I'm not saying I am against it, I am simply asking how it will help participation? I doubt that it would, but I am open to hearing what people think.
Maybe it won't do a damn thing. I think the level of participation on any discussion board is directly tied to the behavior that is allowed.

An anonymous poll is a great way to find out.
Here it is:
I posted there what I thought about the poll. Great idea, but anonymous....

I don't really care what all the aliases think. One vote, one user.
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