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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by Homebrew101 View Post
leave the Piano Bar separate from the Lounge, cannot see any reason why you'd combine those 2
The thought in the beginning was the lounge would not be modded hardly at all and that the paino bar would. It was my original desire to leave the lounge to it's own devices and just deal with the crap when it arose. Obviously I see that 6 years later that plan did not bode so well. I was wrong and do not want the lounge to be heavily modded, just get rid of the BS.

I think the piano bar could and maybe should be left as it is for people to talk music. In the end though like the rest of the site it does receive collateral damage from the small group of people that troll the discussion areas using multiple accounts/aliases. If the lounge was better taken care of (read: more mods and rules enforced and followed regardless of who is doing it), then the rest of the site would benefit. Maybe not a lot, but the lounge would be more welcoming to new users, and any little bit of help with regards to the site as a whole should be at least entertained.

At this point I am just throwing ideas out there and asking if anyone has any others.

I appreciate your input. Nice to see how the older people feel
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