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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I'm nearly positive there is something in there to be found about not dragging shit into a public forum after your PMs fail to garner the result you pursue.
You are correct. I have PMd mods/admins about it. This is a suggestion forum that was created for just this type of thing.

Refer to my post above, where we already have a dedicated, closely modded, topical (music) discussion forum call "The Piano Bar" that gets lighter use than the lounge.
I see no discussion areas outside of the political forum that is closely modded. Plenty of crap in the piano bar too.

This is a music trading site and I believe you'll find that the music-related sections of the site (torrents, trading, etc) are well modded and no bullshit is permitted, in most cases. The primary focus of this site is there and that is where the primary interest of the users lies.
Those area of the site are great. Modded well and very active. But again James, I was a part in creating this site and the idea of the discussion areas were important enough to create and the hopes were that it be an active community and a place outside of the downloading for music fans to go and talk about whatever. Not a playground with rules posted and no respect for them.

It was discussed at length whether or not to even have discussion areas, and the result of those talks was that the community was an important aspect to the site.

I think you need to consider the possibility that the only people that give a shit about this blissful, lively general discussion forum you seek are already in it.
Nope, I seek new users participation. I think there are plenty of interesting people downloading music at TTD that have no desire to participate in a discussion area that has rules that are not enforced and see the same arguments over and over. It could be better.
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