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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
What makes TTD different is (1) the attempt to favor quality over quanity and
Agreed. The discussion areas should be the same.

(2) the attempt to be less heavy-handed than most other music trading sites.
Not really. The thought when the site was created was to be more heavy handed with regards to seeds and music. The lounge was set up with a 'not very moderated' less heavy handed approach, and quite honestly I think that should change at this point and I was the person that fought for the lounge to not be heavy handed. I still don't think it should be.

I think at this point after seeing too many Active members leave because of the constant trolling and BS. And watching as a very small group of users just do and act however they see and create multiple alias accounts so they can stalk/troll anyone they want. Staff included.

The two often clash with each other, but I think we strike a good balance.
TTD does strike a balance and not easily done. I do not understand why there would be any resistance to trying to clean it up.

We don't need more regulation and oversight.
How about you just enforce the rules I posted in 04 when the site first went live. The original set still resides at the top of the music discussion. The lounge rules have been updated a time or 2.

Hardly ever enforced and when they are it is very selective on who gets the hammer. For the most part the rules are a joke and get violated daily.
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