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The discussion areas of TTD

At the very least an attempt should be made to update the rules and enforce them. The mods that have done time, or still doing time, there have done the best they could with what they had, and have done great considering all things. I think they should be given more to work with.

If you don't care one way or another about the lounge or discussion areas, then no need for you to waste your time and energy just shooting down any ideas or attempts to try and help the lounge mods or forum itself.

This thread is for the people that have an opinion on the general discussion areas of the site one way or the other.

My suggestions...

There needs to be more mods in the discussion areas. Not all the mods for the site popping in and modding it in different ways. There are people that are here that are great mods in the areas that they are mod in, but are not really that good (hard to put it so nicely) modding the lounge. I would go with 4 mods with 2 that whore it up in the days, and 2 that usually check in at night. The lounge should be hands off to other mods/admins. If an admin is online and something needs to be taken care of, then it needs to be taken care of, that's what admins do, but it should be done in the same way the other mods are doing things.

It should be BB101 that mods should not have across the board powers, that they are a team that is/was assembled to help keep things flowing well and usually chosen for their specific knowledge and interest within the site and that is where they should mod. The general discussion mods, will by nature/necessity need to be recycled somewhat regularly and some will probably rotate in and out quickly, depending on how well they do and work together. Or at least get DCbullet some help in there.

Possibly create a subforum give it any name that implies garbage. Move the threads and posts that are violating rules there. Leave them all there for the trolls to feed on and bitch and moan about. Eventually ban them to there if they won't stop trolling the lounge.

With aliases, just take 'em case by case. Some are funny as hell. Others post shit that should be removed and the person behind it should be warned via PM that a ban will come for trolling. Shouldn't matter who is behind the alias, if it keeps up eventually IP ban them. I know the ones that want back in get back in, will So if one of those asshats shows back up and just starts raising hell, just keep moving the shit. Too much work?? Yes. I think there are people here that would gladly take that on. If they don't work out then recycle them. But I know that trying to mod one persons fucked up trolling frenzy by yourself is a lot of work. Again more mods.

Remove the tags feature in the discussion areas of the site. They serve no purpose other than to troll a different way.

I do not see any changes I have proposed that wouldn't serve the site as a whole. The trolling and BS is not only happening in the lounge. It spills over. The comments about the way things are modded, are also valid and serve the site as a whole.

Any thoughts?
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