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[Suggestion] FAQ - infos for Mac users

First of all thanks for the FAQ, it helped me a lot of times. Through the FAQ I got to know Cog (audio player for FLAC files), which I used in the past. Unfortunately the installed program does not work any more (because I use Mac OS X 10.5.8 "Leopard"), so I looked for other options and therefore looked up the FAQ again and found some links that may need to be updated or revised:
Freeware Software Links. Look Inside If You're Stuck!
Macintosh Software:
Audio Players:
-> Cog
Suggestion: Add a warning that the recent version of Cog 0.07 has a bug under Leopard (probably also under Snow Leopard) that causes the playlist to become corrupted.
Since the last news is published February 15, 2008, I'm not sure if there will be any updates of this player. At least there is a link to the latest unstable build, which I just downloaded, looks like this version does not have the bug.

->MacAmp - no longer being developed
No suggestions, since I never tried this player.

->Pure Audio
The link doesn't work any more. (* also see below)

->Play - will play 24-bit flac, but will not play shns.
Just installed it, looks similar to the Cog player, but does not show "total time" when multiple tracks are selected (e.g. how long is a particular show?).

->Songbird - for Mac OS X 10.5 or later, will not play shn
Suggestion: Another player to add, looks like an iTunes competitor.
Hopefully other users of this player can state their opinion about it here in this topic.

DVD-Video Players:
->VideoLAN Client (VLC)
No suggestion.

->MPEG Streamclip
Suggestion: Please add this player, I find it very useful, and it's probably good to have an alternative to VLC.
How do I extract audio data from an audio CD?
XLD (Macintosh)
Seeds to The Traders' Den MUST use this or a comparable "secure mode" ripping program.
Question: Does this include xAct? Because xAct is also mentionend here among "Audio Extraction and Editing Tools":
Obviously TTD recommends XLD, so I just wonder if extracting audio data from an audio CD using xAct is compliant.

Pure Audio (Macintosh)
Pure Audio is a powerful new player with support for playback of FLAC, SHN, and APE files on a Macintosh. It can be downloaded here.
The link doesn't work any more.

Thanks in advance for any updates in the FAQ!
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