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Re: CRTC have passed the law that there is a limit

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The courts in canada CRTC have passed the law that there is a limit on how much you download. 60 gigs are free, after that you have to pay 1$ per gig for a max of 30 gigs.(I guess it would be best to download 100g at that price) This stars in feb. So Download the F#@K now!
Your statement is very misleading...It makes it sound as though you will only be able to d/l 90 gigs total and then be shut off. The fee is actually more than a dollar per gig, and it goes to 20 gigs not 30, and there are other fees as well. Here is the actual plan.

Under the plan, Bell will charge wholesale ISPs a flat fee for connecting to its network, and for a set monthly usage limit per customer. Beyond that set limit, users will be charged per gigabyte, depending on the speed of their connections.

Customers using the fastest connections of five-megabits per second, for example, will have a monthly allotment of 60 gigabytes, beyond which Bell will charge $1.12 per GB to a maximum of $22.50.

If a customer uses more than 300 GB a month, Bell will also be able to implement an additional charge of 75 cents per gigabyte.

The CRTC is also requiring Bell to make any "usage insurance plans," which give its own retail customers extra monthly usage for a small fee, available to wholesale ISPs.

Small ISPs took the CRTC's approval of Bell's plan as an inevitability, but weren't pleased with some of the details.

"The rates are absolutely atrocious. How the hell are we doing above one dollar for extra usage?" said Rocky Gaudrault, president of Chatham, Ont.-based Teksavvy. "It's in the thousands of multiples beyond what the costs are."

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The DNC sucks.
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