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Re: Tapetrader down?

Originally Posted by akk02 View Post
My complete list is over at TapeTrader and like an idiot I've not exported a backup in about 2 years. Hope he finds a way to sort it...thousands of users on there and if just some of those donated I'm sure it would go a long way.
You can email your list to yourself, in both colour and B & W. You do it every time you enter new shows, in case the site goes down again.

The B & W looks like this below. I tried to copy and paste the colour one too, but it came out B & W too.

"Artist" "Date" "Sets" "Media" "Grade" "Venue "State" "Source"
"10,000 MANIACS" "0?/0?/?" "All" "DVD" "A" "Eye See Natalie Merchant #1-10,000 Maniacs & Natalie Merchant TV Compilation" "" "" "SBD"
"10,000 MANIACS" "07/29/1986" "All" "DVD" "A-" "JCC College Stadium, Jamestown, NY" "Jamestown, NY" "" "SBD"
"10,000 MANIACS" "0?/0?/1989" "All" "DVD" "A" "MTV Unplugged w/ Michael Penn NYC" "NYC" "" "SBD"
"10,000 MANIACS" "07/04/1989" "All" "DVD" "A" "Rich Stadium NY" "Orchard Park NY" "" "SBD"
"10,000 MANIACS" "04/21/1993" "All" "DVD" "A" "MTV Studios-Unplugged NYC" "NYC" "" "SBD"
"10,000 MANIACS" "06/10/1993" "All" "DVD" "A-" "Riverfront Amphitheatre-St.
Partial DVD list here:

Text file of over 1500 DVDs:

Trading status: Canada and USA only-please VERIFY all discs.
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