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Re: Are there different "types" of SHNs?

Hey!, I never heard of this plugin (vid4wa)...the site's setup a bit awkward so I'll dig through it tomorrow when I'm more awake, but this really has my interest. Thanks for the link!
I actually have a dedicated remote for my home theater computer with an infared sensor that lets me control everything from winamp to the mouse (even some rudamentory typing-phone keyboard style-so I don't do that often)...ultimate couch potato experience

Are you refering to Media Player 6 when you say classic? I use that as my back-up too...anything higher is too "creepy" and takes up more resources than I like. It's very rare I have to use it though. Once in awhile a DivX or Xvid gives me problems in winamp.

Originally Posted by Five
lol same here! 2.81 is a version from before they added video, and to this day I use vid4wa (available here) for 99% of all video media. I think I'm using an older version of the plug, and last time I checked it outperformed the stock video plugin that comes with v2.90-2.95. When I get stuck, I switch over to Media Player Classic or VLC.
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