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Re: Putting "Extra Stuff" in a DVD file directory?

Well, I've read (somewhere) that adding additional files in the root could cause some standalone players to not be able to read them. I've never tried it myself, but it sounds like some of you have and not had a problem. I keep the info files and artwork in my tradelist, but it would be a good idea to put them onto the disc itself if it could be confirmed that it wouldn't screw up people's playback ability.

The Audio_TS folder is, of course, unnecessary and can be just not burned at all.

And Apex = good! I had an old one (one of their first models) that I hacked the firmware to that played literally every, from VCD to DVD and even non-standard MPEGs just burned to a disc. It died a few years ago though . I hear some of the newer ones don't even need to be hacked. I've got a real nice sony that I bought for SACD, but have gotten annoyed with the limitations it has lately and have been very close to buying a cheapo Apex just to be able to play back DVDs that I now have to put into my PC to get them to work.

Oh...and I'm sure katnapz will appreciate this one : my alcoholic cat is, right now, trying desperately to lick the top of my beer bottle. You toss him down from the desk on one side, he sneaks up on the other side thinking no one sees him. Sometimes we play a game where I hide the bottle and see how long it takes for him to find it....the more I have, the funnier it gets.

Maybe we should start a "post a picture of your cat" thread!
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