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Re: Are there different "types" of SHNs?

Originally Posted by Five
I've tried v3 and v5, I'm using v2.81

People will probably look at me strange for this confession, but I not only use my Winamp 2.9X for music but I usually play 99% of the video material through it on the computer I have hooked up to my home theater system.

I'm sure that there's other players out there with lots of bells and whistles but it's just so darn easy to use. I used to have a plug-in installed, that I managed to get from someone on line a couple years back (after the plug-in had stopped being distributed), that you can configure to play everything in a root folder AND all the child directories (I'd set up one aud and one vid folder with shows underneigth). Depending on whether I wanted my own radio station or my own version of "kTV" I just set it and let it go 24/7. When I'd be flipping through my channels I'd come across a music video or concert and go, "Oh wow...when did this come on?...wish I had seen the beginning of this", then realize it was my own network/channel...
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