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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by freezer View Post
Already did that, wasted my time trying to communicate seriously with you.

And that's no bullshit, Billy.

Five, you were away too long.....

Silver boots are considered source "ZERO" at this site and can and will be allowed, even to the point of competing with - in your own terminology- the best available source... the unaltered original source......That's why I've been laughing at all this foolish nonsense.

This is a hobby, nothing else. I made recordings at concerts as a part of MY hobby.

Many of you do the same, cool.

Many of you don't. Those that don't have to take what's offered and that's it.

IF that TOOLEMAN abomination/remaster had been first introduced to the TTD customers as a "SILVER BOOTLEG" there would be certain TTD ABT mods absolutely defending the decision to allow it at TTD.

Hell, Hurricane Billy Bob would be tumbling ass over elbows while running to defend it......period.

Like it or not, by allowing "SILVER BOOTLEGS" as stated policy at TTD, the policy is actually allowing bad remasters... fuck, let's say it properly, encouraging bad remasters to proliferate. As bad or worse than what TOOLEMAN did...and these "SILVER BOOTLEGS" allowed without any description or lineage as to the remastering devices used.

None of us have any idea what a bootlegger does to remaster his garbage product, yet TTD's policy is to allow them so nobody has to buy the bootleggers' wares.

OK, cool........understood.

TOOLEMAN gave something away freely, and honestly said UP FRONT what he did about marking the recording so each and every downloader could make their own decisions about this remaster. Well, shit-fire, let's punish him and rip him a new one in the process for this. Even though nobody was forced to suck it down.

NOBODY had to take it, and some collectors in that thread were thanking TOOLEMAN.... the whiners missed that.

Empress Valley or C&D or Godfather or whoever your favorite flavor of bootlegger is, well, TTD will allow their pisspoor remasters -- and the BootBoys give NO details like TOOLEMAN did -- but the ABT mods say that's OK.

SO........Of course a "SOURCE ZERO" like that will be allowed. While TOOLEMAN is roasted alive for trying to do something proactive and being up front about what he did.

That is a BULLSHIT rationale on the part of the ABT staff.

Either allow all remasters and shut up about it or ban all remasters including them "SILVER BOOTLEGS".

Stop being hypocrites, ban ALL remasters or allow them all.

maybe... I can only speak for myself in this part, as I own a lot of master tapes..........
My masters are kept in a climate controlled environment and sound as crisp and clean as they did directly after they were originally recorded. (My Dave Mason from the Warehouse in 1975 is squeeling, but I don't lose sleep over it, I probably wouldn't listen to it any more any way if it didn't).

I am still amazed at the sonic quality that I got using cassette recorders and reel to reel. As I write this, I'm listening to something I recorded in 1974, recorded from the dead center of the first row in a balcony. I used my shoes and sox to cushion the mics against any 'rumble' and there's nothing on the recording but a clean capture, with a lot of binaural seperation; with headphones turned up as loud as I can take it, I'm back at that show again. This recording is not in circulation, but if it were, the goddam thing would be announced as a bootleg before a week was out. Fleetwood Mac fronted by Bob Welch 11/1/74. And sure as shit, a SILVER BOOTLEG of it would be allowed here in competition with the master tape, no matter what Five says.

(You wanna prove me wrong, Five, then call me and we'll talk about a YES 9/29/72 master..... if you give me your word that a SILVER BOOTLEG of my tape will never be allowed at TTD, then I'll loan you the master tape of this show to work on... You can have this show to debut at TTD and you can ban all other versions of my tape, as NO other copies of this circulate -- because yours will be the FIRST digital mastering directly from the analog tape. You make the definitive and FIRST circulating version -- and there's no need for any other "versions" of this particular and individual recording. And That's a final version. All it needs is a transfer and some smoothing of tape flips. It was made from the exact same seats as the LZ 5/14/73 recording..... on the same recorder as used for the Stones 6/27/72 Mobile.
Jamie, you can also say no and I'll never offer this a 38 year old recording anywhere ever. I don't care if this never circulates, I just want to prove a point, and in the process, we can make a lot of collectors happy. A win-win situation.... and the whiners can come to you to complain -- or they can go to TOOLEMAN's complaint department, Helen Waite.)

By the way, Five, how many shows that I sent you are you still sitting on?
A Stones from 1975, Faces 1973....... anything else?

You decide you wanna share them, call me -- you have my number or get it from 1zeppelin2 -- and we'll discuss lineage. I'll give you just enough to piss off Hurricane and the Jelly-boy. Let's see them whine at you for a while, OK?

And by the way, I dislike REmasters altogether.

Use your own tone controls and equalizers for playback ONLY.

Well "Freezer" is completely right in the first half of this.
And WOW what an offer he has made in the 2nd half.
Hope this happen and thanks to "Freezer" and all involved if and when it finally ever does.