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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I deny nothing. I don't even know what you're talking about... this is still a bunch of shit.
You guys will allow that Toolemen remaster if Godfather releases it as a silver bootleg, and you know you will.

You always said that all silver boots are allowable as "Source zero" as you two have proudly proclaimed in the past.

You and Billy the Bullet have said as much in the past. R E P E A T E D L Y said so.

Anything else and that makes you the Queen of Denial, James-KY
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!