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Putting "Extra Stuff" in a DVD file directory?

If I create a video DVD in a program like Nero, it creates two folders called, "Audio_TS" and "Video_TS."

I've read somewhere that the Audio_TS folder isn't always necessary and is included due to compatibility issues with some brands/models of players, or it could be for compatiblity with old(er) big deal with me as I don't mess with that folder.

Recently I was in a torrent where the person not only put up a Video_TS file, but also included a folder named "Extras" (had some misc info and a pdf file in it). Not sure what to do (and just to see if it would work) I went ahead and included this in my burn. The disc plays fine in my Sony standalone and my computers, so it would appear that this doesn't do anything bad....
Also, I found out not too long ago from some postings that some folks actually burn video DVD's with an info file (".txt") on the disc...not in the Video_TS folder, but above that (guess you'd call it the root directory?). Now, from the discussions I've read, they do this so they always have the information on the show right with the disc so it never gets lost, but they did say that there "may" be compatiblity issues with doing this on some players.

Wish I would've thought of doing this a long time ago as it sounds like a great idea, but I'd like some feedback/opinions as to whether it's a good or not. I mean, is it going to mess up playing the disc on 5% of the players or 50% of them....and if you can just throw an "Extras" folder in there too, sounds like a good place to store the artwork too if you have it in electronic format.

So is this good to do, or would I have to re-author that copy of a Slayer concert I give to great-grandma Martha so she can rock out in her living room? (ok, what I really mean with that statement is: good or bad for trading too)
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