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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
i hear what yer sayin GRC, i find someone "marking" a recording [and especially one they didn't record & added in post] to be ridiculous and against the philosophy of this site...however, it'd be nearly impossible to police, since if we officially banned it certain folks would then purposely add em without saying so in the info, just to prove they can [cuz they're immature idjuts]
You could ban if a post show watermark is announced in the lineage, and ban if there's a watermark on a remaster of a source that already circulates without that added sound. If a taper or trader has the only copy of a source, and wants to add sounds after the show with a mic and/or audio editor, you will probably never know that it didn't happen at the show. Adding a rule about watermarks won't get rid of the problem entirely, but at least you'll narrow the field considerably to those who tape and/or possess sources that don't circulate. Maybe lots of tapers will start to do this, but this way at least the stuff that's already circulating is protected from further degradation.

Save the mash-ups for flash streaming sites and elsewhere, or at least make a separate forum where people can add their own recorded rhythm guitar track to a power trio show, or add sounds of them hitting a bong, etc.

saying we can't ban when someone states that they did add a watermark, or when it can be proven they added a watermark to a remaster of an already circulating source, because someone might lie is not very wise. what if someone put up a dvd and they gave the lineage one way, but it turned out they were lying about re-encoding the video, and they posted later on that they rendered it twice, and that everyone who downloaded it and the site were suckers. what if they say that they were then just joking about re-encoding, and that it was really only rendered once, and someone re-uploads the show to the tracker. then they take that back and say that, no, it was rendered twice. the show goes up, the show gets pulled, and on and on, because nobody can prove that it was only rendered once. does that mean that we can't enforce any kind of rule about encoding only once? because there might be some jokester who wants to fuck with the site? if the only rules that existed were the ones that could be enforced upon download by analysis with a piece of software, then several rules would vanish. can you always tell if a show transferred with an audio CD in the lineage is a re-extraction? optical drives have a wide range of possible offsets. someone could pull the same stunt and say their previously uncirculated show has an extra CD gen than what was stated in the lineage, and that everyone who downloaded it is a sucka. some people are gonna lie about stuff, but that shouldn't mean that certain rules which are based mostly on trust shouldn't be in place. you can still filter out some of the pollution, but you'll never get all of it if someone is bent on deception and practical jokes.

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