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Re: How do I convert my Master Cassette to FLAC??

Yeah, I think someone else had mentioned to me about a JVC VCR. I've got a text file somewhere around with that info. I'll take a look for it to see if it's the same you mention.

As for an external converter-are you speaking of something like a Canopus unit? I thought you could get away with using software capture if you don't show any frame droppage.
(and sorry, I'm probably getting into a topic that needs a new thread started on but figured I'd throw this question in...can alway post new if it keeps going)

Originally Posted by New Homebrew
You need a JVC HR-S9800U VCR. Fantastic deck for playback when capturing. They aren't made anymore but you can find one on ebay for around $300. It has a built-in TBC that isn't as powerful as a dedicated hardware unit but works quite effectively for eliminating VHS artifact and A/V synch issues.

I would recommend using an external hardware converter for your SVHS capture. Standalone DVD recorders are fairly inflexible when it comes to bitrate options and you have very limited ability to edit your final product. Using a DV capture device you capture your tape in DV format (large ucompressed video file), which you can then edit/filter/mask/crop before you render to the compressed mpeg-2 format.

Back to the audio thing, you can probably find a suitable DAT unit for around $100 or even less.
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