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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by freezer View Post
And somebody please, please, please get GRC an unblemished recording of that show direct from the "master tape"... And my friend, I really wasn't trying to be mean to you, but waiting only 35 minutes before you got hysterical about not getting a 31 year old show within moments of your learning that it exists, because you didn't like something you got for free...a bit much, when a simple request would have gotten you what you want. I sure hope you get what you need. I think I have a copy from the same source that TooleMan's version, (acquired in a trade through TTD) and if no one gets it to you, I'll look for it now.
I'm looking for it on Dime as we speak, so I may get there before your appeal bears fruit.

I thought my request WAS a simple one, with a lack of hysteria..... but there ya go. It's all in the 'nuance', apparently ....