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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by freezer View Post
How soon was it that you posted in the show thread and then started this thread?

35 minutes??? correct, you waited a whole 35 minutes before your pink panties got bunched up......

(for a show that's 31 years old? No wonder TooleMan hasn't responded to you, he hasn't stopped laughing yet.)
Because it was weighing heavily on my mind, as the 'watermark' was still rolling around in my head whilst Anderson, Howe and Co were half an hour into their set.......

"Pink Panties bunched up" ??? Oh, come on, leave out the school yard insults......

OK, the show's 31 years old. I won't last another 31 years, so I can't wait that long again. I'd LIKE to hear a clean version now, but I'm not DEMANDING a clean version. I'm ASKING if there is one (and there appears to be, at Dime.... Thanks to that poster).