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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
leave it to bored post whores to take an honest question/concern, skip all intelligent discussion, & turn it into the same rehashed short bus battle we've seen time & again

i hear what yer sayin GRC, i find someone "marking" a recording [and especially one they didn't record & added in post] to be ridiculous and against the philosophy of this site...however, it'd be nearly impossible to police, since if we officially banned it certain folks would then purposely add em without saying so in the info, just to prove they can [cuz they're immature idjuts]
God forbid the mods actually have to do some work to enforce their own rules. And you are right that people can and probably will defy it just to prove they can but like any social site if the mods are on the ball they know their regulars and know who will be potential troublemakers and so on and so forth and that information alone makes it that much easier to create/enforce rules. You guys claim to be the bastion of live digital music purity you should lead by example(even if it fails) instead of paying lip service to the problem.