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Re: How do I convert my Master Cassette to FLAC??

Oh?, I thought the standalone DVD recorders were frowned upon by purists. Forget "why" now as the last time I looked at one of them they were still pretty expensive. I haven't checked the doom9 forums on it for awhile. Well, with the death toll of the VCR here, maybe I'll start looking into those for next year.
So how long until kids look at a VCR and say What's that? I had to explain to a kid not too long ago what an 8-track was (and how sometimes you had to jam a folded up match cover in the side to stop if from squeeeeeling), boy did that make me feel old. Just as bad when I have to explain what Quad was.

Originally Posted by RainDawg
For videos, I've seen people convert from VHS to one of those nicer standalone DVD recorders just to get it digitzed outside of their noisy PCs. Then, you can take that DVD, rip it to your hard drive, and do any authoring, chapter breaking, menu addtions, etc before seeding.

Video is not as susceptible to noticable artifacts from PC noise as audio is, but when converting from VHS tapes, you still need to get the audio, which means you still have the same problem.

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