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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

Originally Posted by Greengoat
But is it okay to make ffp of older shows and include this fingerprint with the show? Just curious, since there is a slight possibility, as remote as it may be, that my flac files do not match the original. Or is flac so new that making a ffp now, is better than not making one at all, assuming the ffp just wasn't included in a burn sometime down the road from the original.
Yes, it's not only OK but it's required for FLAC seeds here to have an ffp for inclusion with the seed. Note that creating an ffp is just taking the checksum text that is contained within the FLAC's is calculated at encoding, not when you create an ffp. So the only way this value would not match what is contained in the file is if the file itself is corrupted, which can be checked with Frontend's "Test" command.

It is very possible that the FLAC files you have are not identical to the original, but the only way this would happen is if someone took the originals, converted to wav, and screwed around with them before converting back to FLAC. If this is the case, it should be noted in the lineage that the fingerprints of the files you have are different than the original seed because the audio was changed.

The ideology here is that you get the accurate lineage info, and then make the ffp for posting on the site. That way, at any point in the future, someone can check back and say "yes, I have an identical version to what was posted to TTD on xxxx-xx-xx". If we are able to attain a reputation (as etree has done) as only hosting fingerrpints of good seeds, than this will be enough for future traders to trust the material they have as well as check information and verify they have an identical one.
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