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Re: How do I convert my Master Cassette to FLAC??

Exactly the same reason I've been sitting on a stack of tapes for a long time now. I did some conversions early on with computer,...then read some articles/spoke to people and said, "Crap!!, I didn't know to do that!",...rerecorded, read some more, "Crap! Didn't know that either!" My problem is I'm too much a paranoid Ferrari dreams on a Yugo budget...
Of course, now my plans are for video and I need to get a good SVHS deck and a video stabilizer to do my vids, but it would have to wait for a good turntable for my LP conversions...then I run into that d*mn computer induced noise during that conversion. Argh!

Originally Posted by RainDawg
Of course, this does require some expensive equipment to be able to do....but does yield the best results. I personally do not record analog stuff to my PC because I do not own a DAT deck, and know that using my analog input card is going to introduce noise onto the system.
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