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Re: Are there different "types" of SHNs?

Is there any way to tell by looking at a file if it will seek (never seen anything under the files Properties)? I never knew that seek files could be invisible (magic legs Lt Dan). Has that always been the case since SHN was invented?

Boy are you in for a big laugh when I tell you what version of winamp I'm using...2.9X...yes, on all my computers! I know that I should go with a newer vesion (or a different program), but I'm so used to using it, plus it's the only one that I've found that goes under the radar screen at work when they scan for "unofficial" software (guess they aren't looking for something that old). I'll give foobar2000 a try sometime.

Thanks for the compliment on the avatar...not as well known as your's as I think you've had that one for a looong time.

BTW, you saw the DVD based version of my list when I contacted you "pre-TTD", but thought you'd like to look at the offer I've got up in the Trades section in case you want anything. Getting rid of those CDR's.
By the time I got your e-mail with the invite I was deep in some stuff at work and have felt like a slime for not getting any torrents up since so hopefully this can help spread things around some. You've got an interesting Tenacious D that I'd be looking at if you do take part ....

Originally Posted by RainDawg
So, to you, they are invisible but your winamp will seek them.
Now, to get around this annoyance, you need to get rid of Winamp completely and switch to foobar2000.
There are also at least 50 other ways that foobar2000 beats the piss out of Winamp in terms of it's technical abilities...

By the way, I love that avatar you've got!
...Catnip is my middle name...
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