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Re: How do I convert my Master Cassette to FLAC??

katnapz is right....many times the analog in on a PC contains noise. Just the fact that there are highspeed motors, high frequency signals, etc inside you PC, it's a very "noisy" environment. Some higher end sound cards do a nice job covering that up, but I think it's a very good test to put a blank tape into your deck, hit play, and record the sound with your analog input just to see how much noise is being generated. Then, put a CD into your ROM drive and watch as that noise spikes up a bit....

The best way to do anything of this nature is to use a high quality deck and record into an external DAT, as it eliminates the noisyness of the PC analog input. Once it's on DAT, trasnfer it through digital coax or optical inputs into the PC....this will be a perfect audio transfer and not add all that PC noise onto it.

Of course, this does require some expensive equipment to be able to do....but does yield the best results. I personally do not record analog stuff to my PC because I do not own a DAT deck, and know that using my analog input card is going to introduce noise onto the system.
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