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Re: Are there different "types" of SHNs?

What you're noticing is files that do or do not have seek tables. Sometimes, as you've noticed, .skt files are included as a separate file, and these will seek all of the time. Many times, during SHN conversion, the encoder will include the seek tables "appended" to the end of the file. So, to you, they are invisible but your winamp will seek them. Sometimes, they are not, and winamp won't. No, the encoding of the audio data is not specific to any particular software, and will be identical regardless of which software is used. The creation of external or appended (or none at all) seektables is software specific, and non-seeking files just means that the person who did the conversion made this critical oversight.

As a note, .skt tables are not Winamp specific, they are independant of the playback software you use. Any time you wish to playback SHNs and wish to seek, you will need seektables either appended or included, no matter which program you use.

Now, to get around this annoyance, you need to get rid of Winamp completely and switch to foobar2000. The SHN decoder will dynamically create seek tables for files without them and store them in a temporary directory, so that ALL SHN files, whether appended with them or not, will seek. To the end user, this functionality is invisible but goddamn is it useful if you play back SHN files.

There are also at least 50 other ways that foobar2000 beats the piss out of Winamp in terms of it's technical abilities...

By the way, I love that avatar you've got!
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