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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
My attitude is not passive aggressive. I actively believe that our policy is correct. This has nothing to do with me "not feeling like it." FM99 came in here with a piss poor attitude and I let him know our reasons.

You act like I don't understand the issue. My recordings get put up on blog sites as mp3's. I don't like that. I get it.
I disagree about the "piss poor attitude", one could make an argument that anybody sounds pissed off when they post on a message board. This is obviously something that would piss off any taper or filmer though, if he wishes to have his recording taken down his wishes should supercede that of the person who uploaded it or any policy. Now about that policy, its obviously not written by someone who has a clue what hes talking about, no offense.
What im going by is how its been done for years before torrenting even came about.
I cant say this enough, the reason why a filmer/tapers wishes should be respected is because these are the people who provide the material for this site, any Mod should want to honor a filmers/tapers wishes and hope that he uploads his material at this site. This type of policy if anything will alienate filmers/tapers from uploading to this site. Now that might not be something you take serious but you have to consider that one taper/filmer has at least 10 things he could upload to this site, now you might not want anything he could potentially upload but there is a lot of people who do.