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Icon4 TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

One of my master DVDs was uploaded on here a few weeks ago _AGAINST MY WILL_. It clearly states in the DVD menu that I do not wish my DVD to be torrented at all. _NO-ONE ASKED ME FOR PERMISSION TO UPLOAD SAID DVD ON TTD_

Big deal, move around...

Now comes the juicy part though:
Since I filmed, transferred, edited and authored the show I know exactly that there is official songs (actually there's 3 different full length songs) of the Artist in the DVD menu.

I filed a report on July 19th, but the DVD still stays online and to this day still is online on TTD.
Two days later I was told that the issue is being discussed but the preliminary read is that it is going to stay.

My question is: Why is there a rule which doesn't allow official releases to be shared on TTD when you clearly violate said rule TTD staff?

Someone please explain this fauxpas to me.

I hope we can solve this problem in a decent way, because I sure tried to be as polite as possible and offer my constructive criticism.

And remember folks: The tapers and filmers who bust their asses everytime they want to record a show keep places like TTD alive. Without us there wouldn't be such a place.

Thanks for your attention.