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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Mbzepfan View Post
You are aware of the existence of asymmetrical internet connections, right? Direct result of that, and it magnifies even more with such slow speeds.

At that speed everything factors in, time, speed, power bills, the choice of torrents you seed and predicting their popularity outcome. Everything. It's simply not fair to seed your torrent at max speed (mine used to be 7kb/s) just to see the other seed get your peer done in 30 minutes. I had to seed for 5+ days straight just to get it to 1:1, and hope that no one would lend a hand. I did all to keep my ratios up, seeding strategies (get it early, seed later, looking at the personalities of potential downloaders, just to be there when they connected, etc), everything. I went great lengths to get a proper ratio, and never could.

It's simply not fair. As for B&P, sure, but it really depends on your personal circumstances. Mine are specially annoying, exchange rates, poor (or no) mail system, lack of appropriate recordable media at decent prices, and let's not take away the fact that I'm a poor student with a Zeppelin fixation to begin with.

You got no idea until you live here.
Who cares about predicting the popularity of a torrent or seeding strategies? Just seed!! If you left that torrent open you seeded for 10+ days instead of just 5+ you might of had a ratio of 2:1, thus increasing your ratio even more. And whats with this complaining about exchange rates for b&p's? You get blank discs in exchange to cover the costs for sending shows to people which covers you lame excuse of not being able to get "appropriate recordable media at decent prices". Stop your complaining and seed!!!
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I heard obama was an inexperienced, terrible administrator who likely could never hack it in the private sector.
So you are like the Obama of TTD?
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