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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

on dime (not that am comparing this site to them) has an automatic setup.
if u reach below .25 they stop you from downloading. and then u can only up.
something about it is manually set through the site..and is not even humanly controlled. the whole point of keeping a decent ratio is to keep seeds on a torrent and keep them alive!!!...its really disturbing to see 100 people download a show that was upped a week ago, and then there is 1 or 2 seeders...i voted for .50 ratio at least. thats only 1/2 of what u took.
and on the other hand some people (like me)dl a bunch at a time then seed it out for a month or 2 so it may appear that a ratio was low....but you must keep seeding to keep a torrent up, otherwise it dies! true opinion is
there are way to many freeloaders...uploading is only your time and hd space.
if u cannot give any of it back, then u r selfish and you should be cut off...
if u keep fronting some weed from someone and never pay,u will eventually or right away be cut off....sharing is caring and there isnt a whole lot of caring left in this world....its a shame that free things(which is great cos i already pay for ther net)get ruined by people who dont care! just my .2cents
thats probably worth .1/2cent
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