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Re: File is decodable without error, but flac fingerprint cannot be checked since it was unset in the streaminfo block.

Originally Posted by roann View Post
When a wav file is encoded to flac format the flac encoder writes the md5 checksum of the raw wave data (the so called flac fingerprint) to the header of the flac file. When decoding that flac file at a later time the integrity of the audio data will be automatically checked by comparing the checksum of the decoded wave data with the fingerprint in the flac file header.

In your case the checksum/fingerprint in the flac file header was set to zero (possibly by some bad encoder). So it is not possible to tell whether the decoded wave data is identically equal with the one before it was encoded.

Ok Robert got it! thanks so much of the info.

btw i hear the tracks (decoding throug errors) and works fine.

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