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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Homebrew101 View Post
about 5 years ago I got a free ticket to see Musical Box perform Selling England and I'm sorry but I couldn't stop thinking "Yeah they sound good but it's a fucking cover band doing Genesis not the real thing"
Wow- I saw Genesis on their Lamb Lies Down tour at the Berkeley Community Theater. I decided to drop acid one last time for that show and it was a real trip. I guess some of their earlier shows were even stranger than that one...

I read the first page or two of this discussion and I don't quite understand what is meant by "paying back". I always thought it meant uploading more bytes than you downloaded, and if you can upload new torrents, that is even better but not required. Some people can't upload for one reason or another, but as long as their ratio is healthy I see no problem.

On some of the trackers there are the active uploaders who put up the fresh content and there are the active seeders who keep those torrents going. I think that a good tracker needs both of those types. What it *doesn't* need is the snatch'n'run leechers as well as the superseeders with the seedboxes who make it hard for regular members to build their ratio- assuming that there are ratio guidelines being enforced (if ratios are not enforced then it doesn't really matter).


P.S. I think it is impossible for everyone on a tracker to have a ratio higher than 1.0 unless there is some sort of bonus system. The seeders uploading bytes need peers to download those bytes. Which is why some trackers expect you to maintain a ratio of 0.5
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