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Re: Non DHT-safe torrents?

OK, I found the answer right on DAD's main page. Never mind:

"Azureus has introduced DHT (Distributed Hash Table) technology to its client starting with version 2.3.x.x. Using DHT will harm your DIME share ratio and violates our tracker rules as we can't take care of banned torrents terminating timely. Thus, using torrents which are not DHT-safe (all torrents uploaded before Friday, May 13, 15:00 GMT) may not be used with Azureus 2.3.x.x. Users known to use this client will not be able to download a DHT-unsafe torrent, annoucements of Azureus 2.3.x.x for such torrents will not be accepted by the trackers. If you want to download/leech/seed a DHT-unsafe torrent, do the following:

-- Install a different client (i.e., BitTornado, ABC) or a version of Azureus prior to 2.3.x.x.
-- Start any torrent with this client and wait for the client to do its first announcement. Stop the torrent.
-- Download the .torrent file you want to have and run it.
-- Restart all other of your torrents."
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