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Re: Question about band restrictions

Hi folks, I don't want to drop a brick here but I have some questions about the band restriction policy and its implementation. I saw here that this torrent was pulled because of this policy and quite rightly I must say (if you set up rules you should apply them or else you shouldn't make them at all). I know that everybody who wants to upload a torrent on this site is expected and supposed to read and apply to the TTD rules. But about a week ago I was able to download this nice show with the same artist, but this one isn't pulled. At first I thought it must be okay because the original uploader is a mod here (and they are the ones who implement the rules here), but after reading about the banishment of the audio torrent I am confused. After a quick forum search I even found 4 pages with references to this artist (yes I know not all are active).

Any way here are my questions. Do you expect or assume that every uploader reads and applies to this policy and that is it, and then may be wait for a TTD member to report the torrent? I realize that running a site like this costs a lot of time and energy, but do you occasionally run a quick search like I did? Or is the band restiction policy flexable? I mean are there any circumstances that these rules don't apply?

Last but not least
a big thanks to all the people who make this site possible and have a nice weekend.
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