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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Originally Posted by Ted
What AAR.oner said. Also, be sure to write down on the CD or make a label to tell you the contents of the CD. You can put a number on the CDs and keep them in order on the spindles so that you can find what you're looking for. I use a program called Broken Cross Disk Manager to catalog my CDs. It's really nice because all you have to do is insert the CD and it'll read the contents automatically and add them to the database.

If you take care of the CD's/spindles, it's an inexpensive and space-saving way to store them.

Another suggestion is to keep the ones you use most often on a seperate spindle.
to further Ted's comment...

when writing on discs, i would ONLY write on this inside ring [the hub] as opposed to on the disc itself. sometimes, writing on the disc will cause problems later...just a side note!
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