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I tried to sign-up with another message board and got this rejection reply similar to the one I got at Crosstown - however with an explanation.

If this was the same rejection I got from Crosstown I apologize (but who could blame me? These auto-rejections are weird and how was I supposed to know? Also, how is this done outside of Crosstown's knowledge?)

Unfortunately your registration at Findadeath Forum did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore, your registration was automatically deleted.

The reason was most likely your e-mail address. We have had a major spammer attack, and the perpetrators use free e-mail addresses from AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and other providers. So, like it says at the top of the registration agreement, we have been blocking e-mail addresses from certain domains. Please re-register with an e-mail address from your ISP or workplace.
Sorry once again Crosstown Torrents (but who could blame me?)
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