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Re: GAPS using NERO and Power2go

Duh ... it just occurred to me that you weren't talking about WAV editing at all. You were asking about burning tracks without a gap between them.

All of the below is for Nero Burning Rom V6. It may or may not apply to other versions of Nero or to Nero Express. I really don't know.

You may already be doing everything I mention below. You haven't mentioned your procedure.

Drag the tracks one at a time (in order) into Nero Burning ROM. Highlight the 2nd track by clicking once on it. Now also highlight the tracks below the 2nd track by holding down the shift key and hitting the down arrow several/many times. All tracks except for the 1st are now highlighted. Right click on the highlighted tracks and click on properties. A dialog box will appear. One of the fields will be "Pause:" and it will have the number two in it. Change the two into a zero. Click on Apply and then OK. Burn the tracks to CD.

If that doesn't work for you see the post above. You may have live tracks that begin and end with silence ... which they should not. Bummer.

One other possible option lies in the multi-tabbed Burn Compilation dialog box in Nero Burning ROM (appears right before you burn a CD). On the CDA Options tab you could play with selecting the "Remove silence at the end of audio tracks" option. I've never used this and honestly don't recommend doing this, but it's an option that may or may not help you.
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