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Cool Breeze
Question Two part question

Couple of queries for you all. I have a few 2nd Gen GD and NRPS 2trk sbds that I would like to share with ya. Most are at 71/2 ips but I have some at 15ips as well. I haven't done this sort of thing before so I need the ABC's of transferring these to digital for uploading or seeding I believe is the correct term. Please keep in mind that the analog levels were recorded anywhere from +3 to +6 on an Otari MX 5050 BII with no distortion except what was on the master and the dynamic range of these audio sbds is truly dynamic! I want to make sure that you receive the best quality possible.

Next question I have for you is that I have a database that I built for archiving my a/v collection. I would like to know what you consider the proper terminology would be for .flac, shn, etc. would be. Since these are compression formats would you group these as you would for dolby b,c, dbx, etc. or would these go under a different heading? Thanks for your help.

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