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Re: Shntool frontend

Originally Posted by Shakes
So basically, can I do -- FLAC > SBEfix > FLAC?
Yes, you can.
Drag and drop the files in the window that run into each other and try:
shntool fix -o flac <allfiles>

If there is something to fix, the fingerprints will differ from the original ones.

Originally Posted by Shakes
I know FLAC is a loss-less encoder but if I had a FLAC already and decoded to WAV then encoded back to FLAC wouldn't that just make the audio worse, or no?
No. If you just convert between formats like: Wav>flac>wav>flac>shn>ape>flac(compressionlevel7)>flac(lvl3) the fingerprints and quality will not change.
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