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Re: Shntool frontend

Originally Posted by Shakes
I know FLAC is a loss-less encoder but if I had a FLAC already and decoded to WAV then encoded back to FLAC wouldn't that just make the audio worse, or no?
I'm still far from knowledgable about this stuff but I'd think that since flac is lossless, converting it to wav (the uncompressed version), and then back to flac, it should still be lossless - and no degradation to the sound would appear, though the finger print would be different betwen the two flac versions if you SBEfix'ed it in the middle of the conversion process.

EDIT: BTW, I'm refering to the "FLAC > WAV > SBEfix > FLAC" process, NOT the "FLAC > SBEfix > FLAC" process - I'm not sure about that one. I don't think it would compress more and I'm really not sure if the SBEfix would be "allowed" or even possible, since it's compressed.
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