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Lil Conner
Converting ape>wav>flac

Not really a newbie I was around in the stg days then got out of trading for a while...anyways I'm back into it again and need a refresher. I got a set from someone that was encoded to ape I hate this format so I want to convert to wav then to flac. Here was my method but it didnt work out well...convert ape>wav using dbpoweramp then convert wav>flac using flac frontend. Well I then compared all 3 files md5check sum and heres what I got

ea87368b3923e7a9a018c763590695f9 *01.ape
dfcb75b40532b69ece2edb81f3331ed0 *01.wav
01df67ceb799c049f16cdd9e71ca5aff *01.flac

whats the best way to go about doing this? I used to have a batch file to do this back in the day but I cant find it for the life of me if anyone can help me out with a batch file I'd appreciate it

I do a "bit compare" in foobar and the files come out "No differences in decoded data found"

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